Moving on from “summer-body” goals

Ever set yourself a goal to get your ‘summer body’ ready? On some level, all of us have moments when we’re not happy with our bodies and the way they look – whether it’s seasonal, emotional or hereditary… and we resolve to do something about it.

For many of us… these turn out to be short-term goals.

We could work at the change for a few weeks, or even a few months, but if we manage to maintain that goal throughout our life we will have managed to turn a short term goal into a bigger vision of a healthy lifestyle.

Achieving your summer body is similar to an aeroplane on the runway – preparing to take off. If the plane starts to pick up speed, but can’t actually take off – consider it a short-term goal. But, when it takes flight and leaves the ground, continuous work and attention are needed throughout the flight – and this is a long-term goal achieved!

With the right flight conditions and enough fuel (motivation and determination), you can turn small “summer-body” goals into larger life goals of healthy, wealthy living. Moving on from summer-body goals requires motivation that doesn’t have to be hard to find. It often begins with changing the way you think, and changing the way you think about happiness and success is often a good place to start!

Success doesn’t breed happiness, it’s the other way around. Instead of being frustrated with yourself as you are now, choose to be happy that you have decided to act on your health goals. Even if you relapse along the way, be happy you still remember your health goals.

Learn to be happy along the way to your transformed self, don’t wait until the journey appears to be successful to be happy. Be happy because you are already living a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy who you are becoming. Enjoy the moment.

After setting clear health goals, it is important to tell yourself that you will continue to act on them to develop a habit of making healthy decisions; this is how you keep to your vision.

Once you’ve achieved one summer-body goal, you are more likely to be better engaged with achieving your next goal – which can extend far beyond your personal health and wealth and can start to influence and support others.

Leading entrepreneurs are successful because of the way they are able to build into people around them and solve problems that others haven’t yet solved. But just as they help others, they too are supported by people who believe in them.

As you set more goals and change short-term goals into long-term goals, it’s vital to have an accountability partner, someone to offer a different perspective and encourage you.

If you’ve been doing it by yourself all along and now feel you could use an accountability partner, reach out to the people you trust and start talking more about how you appreciate and value their support. Start seeing your summer-body goals as the first steps to greater things and not simply another New Year resolution that didn’t make it past January.

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